Most of the time, my teammates at Automattic work from the comforts of our respective homes in San Diego, Philadelphia, Virginia, Tel Aviv, Vienna, and other locations around the world — but a few times a year, we travel to the same location to get some face-to-face time and work together on various projects. Earlier this month, my team flew to Dubrovnik, Croatia to work on some final pieces for the launch of Sound interesting? We’re hiring!

Old Town

Dubrovnik was a great city for a meetup. Sunny weather, delicious food, and beautiful views of the ocean — I definitely plan to return here for a longer stint. We stayed a short drive from Old Town, heading here regularly to enjoy the local restaurants and explore inside the city walls.

Look familiar? Dubrovnik has been used as a major shooting location for King’s Landing on Game of Thrones.

The Sunsets

And, of course, the sunsets delivered. The rocky coastline near our hotel was a great area to explore during the handful of really spectacular sunsets during our week here.

Around Dubrovnik

We ended the week of work with some team activities, including sea kayaking, walking the city walls, and taking the gondolas up for a panoramic lunch.