Our week in O’ahu was pretty stormy from start to finish, but we managed to chase the better weather around the island and catch a few good sunsets. The best sunsets we saw were from Sunset Beach (North Shore), the beach where they filmed the TV show LOST (follow the direction here), and Waikiki.

Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

In my opinion, Makapu’u is the prettiest part of O’ahu. Perfect blue water against huge green mountains. Don’t miss this hike!

North Shore

We spent much of the week exploring beaches and trails on the North Shore. We particularly enjoyed hiking out to Kaena Point. Park where the pavement ends and hike down a mile or so to find a completely deserted little beach.

Swimming with Sharks

If you are looking for something different, check out (cage-less) shark snorkeling with One Ocean Diving. They will teach you the basics of shark behavior before you jump in the water with one of their experts. Be prepared to be surrounded by dozens of sharks. 👍👍 Highly recommended.

Around O’ahu

You have to keep your eye out driving around O’ahu. A lot of the best beaches we found were down little unmarked dirt trails on the side of the road.