Moving to Windansea

After our last big trips to the Pacific Northwest and the Yucatán, we were ready for a break from the travel again. San Diego is our home base when we’re not traveling — we’ve lived in various areas around the county, but we’ve always enjoyed being near La Jolla the most. After some searching, we found a great spot just a couple blocks from the beach in a little area of La Jolla called Windansea.

Why Windansea?

The great thing about Windansea is it has the same natural beauty that you see in the rest of La Jolla, but without the tourist crowds. It’s just a few minutes away from La Jolla Cove, Prospect Street, and Scripps Pier, but away from the hustle and bustle. Instead of larger buildings and shops, Windansea is just a collection of little alley-like roads with older beach cottages and a few remodeled condos. The really big houses start up just past Windansea Beach, and it’s just a peaceful little nook of San Diego.

Walking and Hiking

We’re big walkers and hikers — not surprising after seeing the time we walked over 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago. Windansea offers great areas to walk, both along the beach and along the winding coastal road — or just head to the nearby Torrey Pines State Park for the best hiking trails in the county. Also, don’t miss Bird Rock Coffee Roasters — just a short walk from Windansea Beach.

The Sunsets

And of course, there’s the sunsets. I can peak out the front door, walk less than 2 blocks, and catch a great sunset at one the most beautiful beaches in the world any day of the week.

Scripps Pier

As I’ve written about previously, Scripps Pier is my photography muse. Just a short drive from Windansea, with a great stretch of beach along La Jolla Shores for sunset walks, I just can’t seem to stay away.


I started playing around with a GoPro during our last trip to Mexico. I’m a minimalist and hate carrying around a ton of gear, so it’s a nice to have something so small that offers both a wide angle view and can also be used in the water. I’ve even used it for time lapse video. Overall the GoPro is just a great, compact, and versatile camera. Highly recommended as an addition to your travel gear.